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     Memorandum  For Cooperation


Exploring Society “Ursus Speleos” Skopje and Faculty for Tourism and Hospitality  Ohrid, signed a Memorandum for Cooperation on November 5th 2010, which goal is to conduct joint activities for speleo tourism and alternative tourism development in Macedonia. This is another prove about how serious and professional organization Ursus Speleos is. For the future is planned to prepare joint projects from the above mentioned areas, and to apply with them in the various national or international funds. 

One of the main goals is development of speleo (caving) tourism: tourist editing of caves and pits, according to the global practices and rules, for mass and extreme tourism. Also, forming a group of licensed cave guides which is a European and Global trend at the moment, that will only work with tourists in caves and pits.

The second main goal is development of alternative tourism: development of rural areas, strengthening their capacities and in the future their sustainability.    



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